The Power Of WHY

motivation why Jun 14, 2017

The Power of Why:

As a movement practitioner, I love it when my clients become my teachers. One conversation with someone going through the challenge of MS may prompt, lead, or sometimes shove me into examining my practice, my approach, and my connection with my MS warriors. I am constantly seeking out ways my MSers can help me grow as a practitioner, a healer, and a man. Just recently Janice, one of my clients, wanted to meet with me to discuss her progress and our conversation inspired this article.

After six weeks of exercising with me, Janice was still suffering from balance problems at home even though she was excelling during our sessions. I asked her “Janice, how will improving your balance improve the quality of your life? Why do you want to get better?

Janice stared blankly at me for a couple breaths, and then slowly pieced together the following statement, “I dunno, I guess because that is what I’m supposed to do, my doctor recommended exercise, and...

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