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We Now Have Over 3,500 Testimonials and Victory Stories from Members in Over 30 Different Countries!! Here are some of those stories...

Tracy Pulkrabek, Washington

This program and community literally has saved my life !!


Marissa Mandell, Florida

The MS Gym is the best investment I have ever made in my health since being diagnosed.

I have had so many physical victories and I am now truly living life by design and not diagnosis.

I recently started playing guitar again with my band and took a trip to Italy. I never imagined these things would have been possible a couple of years ago. I credit most of it to my improved mindset from the MS Gym programs.

Katharina Randschau, Germany

The membership has not only helped me, it's also diminished my hubby's anxiety about what might happen with my MS

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Melissa Hayes, Alberta Canada

I count my blessings every day that I found The MS Gym when I did. After one year in membership, I am getting so much back. There was a time I wondered if a day like this could happen, again. I am so happy, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Janet Jarvis, England

This is the best investment I have ever made. Every time I press PLAY it gives back ten fold. I can not imagine a life without the hope, love and support that the MS Gym brings into my daily being.

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John Dunham, Colorado

Thanks Trevor! 2 years ago I was spending $640 per month for PT. Your programs are 100x better at a fraction of the cost. Don’t know where I would be without you. The money I have saved is allowing me to get LASIK done.  Wooo Hooooooo! New eyes because of you! May YOUR God bless you and you family. Now off to do my workout before my LASIK consultation.

The MS GYM is now approaching our 5 year Anniversary !

See and listen to what others had to say about us when we celebrated year four. Click on the video below to watch!


Susan Winter, Wisconsin

The words that come to mind when thinking of the MS Gym membership....priceless, life changing, motivating, inspirational, focused, committed excellence. Every morning, I am given hope, reduced pain and spasticity, increased functional movement and a fire within me to keep climbing the ladder of successful movement!!

Ashley McKim, Indiana

My neurologist is an MS specialist and she raves about Trevor and The MS Gym! She prefers to refer patients to him before she sends them to PT. So here I am and after watching his videos I totally see why she loves it.

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Pamela Dye, Freeport NY

The MS Gym is the best site that I have found that has comprehensive and easy to understand videos as well as support. I like the fact they are grouped according to your symptoms and that Coach Trevor works on the programs to help you progress. I also love the availability of the content-24/7 and connecting and seeing other members' issues and how they resolve them.

Douglas Fast, Vancouver British Columbia

Well, truth be told, I very often find myself talking about many of the concepts taught in the MS Gym, like mindset, learning, framing, taking ownership, movement and so much more, as I guide students at a local university. These young entrepreneurs capable of changing their worlds for the better. Something I couldn't do if I hadn't first gone through this journey with The MS Gym. All I can say is WOW and thanks Trevor.

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Scotty Rosencrance, West Virginia

Man, I don't miss you my old friend, my wheelchair. I haven't been pushed in you for so long. I barely remember you. Thank you Trevor for building this program, it has literally changed my life!

Jett Santaferraro, Texas

The MS GYM has changed my life. The physical victories have been HUGE ! The program has also helped with my mindset and the educational component is first class.

I take notes on everything Trevor teaches. He really knows his stuff, the ultimate educated professional with a gift to teach things in a way that is is easy to comprehend.

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Debbie Genalo, New York

After 2 years working with the MS Gym things are coming together. It has truly changed my life. I went from wheelchair, to wheelie walker to cane to walking independently around my home.

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April Stevens, Massachusetts

I have done my workout everyday for a month and I feel stronger. I am doing something to fight back and improve. Thanks to Trevor and The MS Gym I now have the tools to live my best life. I can't wait for the next step.

Tim MacCreary, Michigan

Never in my lifetime would I expect to have created such great relationships with so many people around the world. It's truly heart warming.

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Yulia Steshenko, Manhattan, NY

I've found a community and the dearest group of friends in the Members Corner, who have filled an essential need I didn't even realize I had as an introvert. With the support of the Members community I weaned myself off of anti-depressants and now have a toolkit of coping mechanisms almost as extensive as the MS Gym itself.

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Mark Carfang, Pennsylvania

I have never met anyone with as much knowledge and the ability to teach it. Trevor’s live coaching sessions in the membership alone are worth 10 times the investment of the membership price alone. The MS Gym programs have changed my life both physically and mentally. 

Truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you’re at all on the fence about joining, don’t hesitate jump in! 

Erica Zachary, Maryland

The support of the group was the first thing that drew me in. Continuing to have victories, like reducing the sensory symptoms and spasticity and truly understanding how things are connected keep me in the game. 

I have not been perfect but when I fall off the wagon, the love and commitment I feel from the MS Gym admin. team and the entire group, keeps me going !! 

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Julie Plave, Michigan

I love that I can get a variety of help from the leading Neuroplasticity guru, Trevor, and support from our Members Community. I am so thankful to God that He led me to this place of healing and that He gifted Trevor and the leadership team with the knowledge and passion to make it happen!

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Adela Casacuberta, Uruguay

This is the best place ever! It is so specific and wise. Grateful it exists! Trevor is a great coach. He is lovely, funny and encouraging. The programs are so well developed and explained. This program is the only thing I have come across that truly helps you survive this condition!

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Matthew Price, Missouri

I was feeling defeated until I came across my Tribe in The MS Gym. My energy was at an all time low and I struggled to use the stairs in my home. The programs helped to reset my body  and set up my daily routine. I am now confident that I will be able to walk each of my 4 daughters down the wedding aisle!

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Kelly O'connell, Connecticut

Ok, who's ready to hear about the wedding? I was able to walk up and down a brick path, with girly shoes on, mingled with guests and carried my plate of food without needing my husbands's arm. 

Thank you for Trevor Wicken for creating the MS Gym and sharing God's gift with us. I could not have done any of this without pressing play!

Daniel Arturi, Buenos Aires

For the first time in 2 years I could sit up straight, absolutely steady without falling over for 5 whole minutes. BGB is paying off!! Thanks Trevor.

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Signe Aarkrog Jepsen, Denmark

The MS Gym is vital part of my daily life. Trevor is the best trainer I have ever come across ! I like the choices between many programs for different problems. The MS Gym makes it possible to train my body everyday without having to leave my home 
I love the moderators and all the support I receive from my online community.

Kathy Short, Wisconsin

I have had MS for over 15 years and The MS GYM is by far and away the best resource I have found.

I can't recommend it enough. 

I have done almost all the programs several times and I keep seeing improvements and the amount of education in the programs alone are worth 10x the cost.

Trevor understands what we need more then any practitioner I have come across.

Debra Weidner, Washington

I have spent lots of money and invested all kinds of time and energy in various things since I was diagnosed with MS over 10 years ago.

The two best investments I have made were getting HSCT and The MS GYM. 

Considering HSCT was around 50K and The MS GYM is around $1 a day , The MS GYM wins hands down.

I am beyond thrilled with Trevor's programs and the many new lifelong friendships I have made in the community.

I am now in year three of the MS GYM !

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Joy Bargerstock, Pennsylvania

The MS Gym is vital part of my daily life. Trevor is the best trainer I have ever come across ! 

Because of my many physical improvements over the past three years since I found the MS GYM, my neurologist recommends the MS Gym to all his patients. 

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