SLOW The Progression of MS and Get Your LIFE BACK

Discover how the right exercise can reduce your symptoms and re-train your brain to keep you more active, longer

Movement Is The Best Way To Combat MS Symptoms

But sometimes, still, it’s not enough. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of all the medical professionals you tried, your symptoms still get worse.

 Often, your fitness professional or yoga instructor doesn’t understand your symptoms and doesn’t quite know what to do with you. Or maybe they push you a little too hard… or they baby you too much.

 When that happens, it’s time to find the complement to the programs you’re already doing. When your symptoms begin to slow down your natural walking pace… when you are too tired to enjoy your normal, everyday activities… when you just can’t seem to find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning…

That’s where I come in. And that’s why I created

The MS Gym.

This Is Not Your Typical Personal Training Session

These are not the same exercises you’ll see at the big box gym down the street from your house. These are neurologically based exercises that are expertly designed to re-teach your brain how to build alternative neuro-muscular pathways… basically, we’re going to work AROUND the nerves damaged by MS so you can get your life back.

And now you can have on-demand access to as many exercises as you need.

Here’s what you’ll get with your monthly MS GYM MEMBERSHIP:

Daily Exercise Videos

Every person’s MS is different. One person may struggle with walking and balance issues while another deals with exhaustion from trying to sit upright in their wheelchair. But no matter what your specific symptoms are, there are exercises that will help you combat these symptoms. And I’ll show you what those exercises are, step-by-step.

Step By Step Coaching

When you log into the Members’ Area, you’ll be able to select your specific symptoms and you’ll be directed to the videos that will be most useful to you. In essence, we’re going to tell you exactly where to start to create your own personalized exercise program.

Daily Movement Circuits

Training Videos will be released into the Members’ Area DAILY - each with a specific exercise circuit demonstrated that’s designed to treat one specific symptom. It’s like having me come to your house every single day to show you new exercises that will help you improve. 

Exercises In One Place

And what’s more - you’ll be able to revisit your favorites over and over, essentially building your own personal exercise library. That means never searching for your favorites again, and never missing out on a crucial exercise that can help you relieve your symptoms.

Illustrated Exercise Guides

Full-color images, instructions, and graphics provide a great companion resource to your videos in helping you maximize the benefit of each training session.

Comprehensive Exercise Guide

No matter what your specific symptoms or your level of mobility, there’s a program for you. And this comprehensive membership guide will direct you through the most effective sequence or progression of programs based on your current MS symptoms. 

This is how you’ll have the best program built for you. You’ll literally be told which program to start with and what programs come next in what order in order to effectively manage and reduce your MS symptoms and achieve your own MS Life goals.


Members Only Community

You know that going through MS can be a lonely place to be. When you have a community that’s designed to give you the support and resources you need… it becomes a much lighter load to bear.

You'll Get Access To:

- Live training events
- Advanced coaching
- Deep dive lessons on MS exercise
- Community guiding activities
- Guest speakers

This will be the BEST place for you to share your struggles, victory stories, and build relationships with other MS Gym members. This is the heart of the MS Gym and THE most powerful benefit of this membership… community with people who welcome, accept, receive, encourage, support, and love each other through the ups and downs of MS.

This membership is designed to make your life easier, better and healthier.

What would that be worth to you?

When I was setting the price for this membership, I wanted to ensure that it was accessible to everyone who really wanted it. And so instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month like you would for other training opportunities, pilates, yoga, or physical therapy…

Your total investment in The MS Gym is only $30 a month.

That’s an average of $1 or LESS per day for the exact exercises you’ll need to take control of your life again. And since I know you might be ready to go all-in right now, I’ve also created an annual option that gives you an incredible 20% off (or nearly 2 ½ months FREE.) This annual option will help you have access all year long without worrying about whether it’s time to renew.

Wait I'm not done yet!

I’m also including a few bonuses to make this a true no-brainer decision for you.

MS GYM Magazine

This quarterly magazine will include:

 Teaching on key MS exercises
Tips about living The MS Life
Celebration of member victory stories
Posts from key experts in the MS field
Articles written by MS Gym Members 

 This will bring the support offline and into your hands.

Training Discounts

Whether you want to have a one-on-one consultation with me online or visit our brand-new facility in Colorado, you will receive an exclusive discount on advanced training with me.

Plus, you’ll also have VIP access to my schedule - first dibs when you want to schedule training!

But don’t just take my word for it…

Read what other MS Gymmers have to say about the programs they have followed:


“Yesterday, I felt like a slug, weak and floppy. Today, I left my power chair at home and got in the driver’s side door of my van for the first time EVER! (I usually go up the ramp in my chair). I drove to my local pharmacy, and walked in with my cane to pick up a prescription.  Then pulled myself up into the driver’s seat and drove home shouting “I did it I did it!” Thank you MS Gym, I am so much stronger and confident in my body!” – Clare W


I Believe In Myself Again!

 “The program + Trevor and Misty has helped me to start believing in myself again. I had a physiotherapist a year ago who convinced me that I was doing everything wrong, and I should stop trying to walk and instead concentrate on transfers in my wheelchair.  Misty and Trevor has helped a lot. I have discovered that I can do more than I thought doing the program.” - Lene S

More Improvement in 5 Months Than I Ever Imagined!

 “Despite four years of physio, aquafit, aquatherapy and every other resource I could find, I have seen far greater improvement in five months using Trevor's methodology. I'm grateful for this program and community.” – Karen S


I Can Finally Leave the Rollator At Home!

 “Back in the summer I was using a rollator for most of the walking I did outside my house. I now mainly use trekking poles for walking. I leave for a big trip in just a few days. My husband and I are going to travel around New Zealand for six weeks, and I'm leaving the rollator at home and taking just the trekking poles. I'm feeling stronger, the foot drop is a bit less, and I'm walking better after doing the Rebuild program and the exercises at the MS Gym. Thanks, Trevor & Misty. Excited to see what comes next!” – Pam W


I’ll Be Able To WALK My Daughters Down The Aisle!

 “I was feeling defeated until I came across The MS Gym through a Facebook friend. My energy was at an all-time low and I was forced to use a cane and struggled to use the stairs in my own home, only going downstairs once a day. 

The MS Gym is where I found guide and MY tribe! The MS Gym and Trevor IS my movement therapy and my personal trainer all rolled up in one. Trevor gets it, he understands us, has compassion for us, and responds with motivation to us.  

The program helped to reset my body and set up my daily routine. Before The MS Gym, I could only do five minutes on my bike, and lucky if I could manage three push-ups. Now I'm on my bike for 37 minutes using a resistance level 7, I walk on my treadmill for 20 minutes, I can do 75 push-ups a day, and I plank three times a day for almost 10 minutes at a time. It's crazy! I have muscles which I haven't seen in 20 years and I had forgotten what it felt like to have muscle pain because of exercise, and yes I like it. 

 I am now confident that I will be able to walk each of my 4 daughters down the wedding aisle and participate in their Daddy-Daughter dances. Thank you MS Gym. “ – Matthew P

I Want You To Have A Story Like Those Shared Above

I desperately want you to have your own victory story. I want you to experience freedom, restoration, and feel the hope again. I want you to know there’s hope and progress to be made every single day. And that you can do it.

That’s what MS Gym is all about: showing you that there are brighter days ahead and that your MS doesn’t have to define you. That you can become stronger and more able, and you can re-train your brain to work around the damaged nerves. That you can be you again.

I want you to KNOW and BELIEVE that you can live a life by design and escape a life by diagnosis. 

 This is how I can do that.

 All you have to do is click below,  join now, and let me help you.

Dedicated To Improving Your Health,

Trevor Wicken

P.S. MS Gym is designed to be easy to use, no matter your level of technical expertise. All you have to do is log in to your personal student portal, go to your current program, and PRESS PLAY to follow along as I virtually coach you through each exercise session as I would in person. It’s like having me as your personal coach every day.

Click the button above to join right now.

 P.P.S. Is it worth $30 or less per month to you to discover a resource that could change your life? After all, you can cancel your membership at any time - there are no contracts or commitments. You Deserve to feel better and if these exercises help you regain or maintain your mobility… isn’t it worth the investment?


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