TRAINING CAMP is a comprehensive strength, mobility, and conditioning program, that specifically designed for you if:

  • You can walk with minimal or no assistance and move freely on the floor, in a chair, and up on your feet
  • You want to use exercise to preserve your ability to exercise, work, and play standing on your feet with MINIMAL SYMPTOMS.
  • You are looking for a movement program to reduce the severity, and progression of MS SYMPTOMS that can be used alone or incorporated into your current fitness plan.
  • You have an EDSS score of 2.5 or less

This brain-based strength, mobility, and endurance training program will increase your strength, improve your balance and mobility, and boost your energy by targeting the areas of your brain affected by MS to counteract your symptoms.

ESTIMATED AVAILABLE DATE: April 1st, 2022 ( Join the waitlist to be notified first)


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