MS 30 Standing Program

$77.00 USD

MS 30 STANDING is a full-body strength, balance, mobility, and endurance training program specifically designed for you if:

  • You want to improve strength, mobility, and fatigue when using walking aids or moving unassisted.

  •  You work, exercise, and perform activities of daily living standing upright with minimal assistance.

  •  You experience MS symptoms that fluctuate based on stress, fatigue, or activity levels.

  •  You have an EDSS score of 3.0 – 4.0

    This 4-Week training program is SUPER EFFECTIVE for you if you want to increase muscular strength and balance. The program will also help with walking endurance, and reduce the severity and frequency of any of your neurologic symptoms.

    We will accomplish this by improving the areas of your brain responsible for:

    - Walking balance and gait correction

    - Breathing

    - Postural control

    - Muscular strength and endurance

     - Symptom management 

    ....and Much More!

     *****This is a LIFETIME ACCESS Program

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