Welcome to The MS GYM!

Congratulations on stepping towards a better life with MS
(or any neurological condition).
Our community and resources will help you counteract your symptoms and train your brain to move better. 

Free Exercise Guides and Programs !


All of our 3 part exercise series + PDF guide will get you started using Neuro-Based exercise to counteract your symptoms and improve your mobility. These are short, high payoff drills, easy to learn and most importantly IMPLEMENT !

These MOVEMENTS will help combat your symptoms and improve your quality of life! All of these programs are designed to accommodate ALL mobility levels.

** Please pick only ONE to start with to avoid content overwhelm

WHO Is This For? 

These free programs and guides are for anyone who has a neurodegenerative disease, autoimmune condition or any chronic health condition that has reduced your mobility, strength, balance, and impacted your activities of daily living. Examples include: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's , Lyme Disease, Ataxia, Hashimotos, Brain Injury, Stroke, Arthritis and more.

Stretching to Reduce Spasticity


This stretching program will calm down your stiff muscles, counteract your spasticity, and help you move better.

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 Exercises to Manage Foot Drop


These foot drop exercises +  PDF guide will help you take the guesswork out of how to reduce your foot drop and make exercise more effective.

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Mobility Exercises to Improve Your Balance


These Balance Exercises take you through stretches and drills designed to improve your balance and walking strength. 

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Hip Flexor



This hip flexor video series + PDF guide will help you lift your legs higher, reduce foot drop and the dreaded MS hug.  

This series will also help you reduce spasticity, improve deep core strength, and help you walk better and move stronger. 

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Chair Core Strength


This PDF and video series of seated core strengthening exercises will help you sit taller and move better.

These drills will strengthen you to RISE out of a chair if you are able.

This series is very effective for you if you're in a chair the majority of the day, during a relapse, after an infusion, or on "bad MS days."


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Trevor is a Movement Neurology Specialist with a Masters Degree in exercise science and biomechanical analysis.

He has over 10 certifications ranging from strength and conditioning, medically-based exercise and corrective exercise.


He is a widely sought after speaker and educator. He has been a keynote speaker at MS Society events, Medical Schools, Online Symposiums, Summits and much more!

In 2017, after a 20+ year stint in a brick and mortar medical fitness center, he took his expertise online and created The MS Gym which now has over 85,000 followers across the internet and social media platforms.