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1 month trial of the MS GYM Membership Program

We just put this offer together to help more people have a structured exercise program during these challenging times. Our programs have always been designed to be done at home. However, due to the current coronavirus crisis more people then usual are home and many of you are looking at different options to keep moving and minimize stress as much as possible. 

So we are offering you an opportunity to try our membership program for a full month. You will have everything you need to press Play and do exercises appropriate for you in a structured way over the next 30 days. 

Best of all, we do NOT auto bill your credit card after the trial like most organizations do. 

If you don't absolutely love the MS GYM membership after the 30 days you don't need to to a thing. 

If you want to continue we will offer you several different flexible payment plans so you decide what is best for you.

If you know you need a plan and and are ready to start, simply click the button below to sign up for this trial.

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BGB Boot Camp

This 4-Week program is our powerful step-by-step movement program designed for new Gymmers.
You will learn effective brain-based exercises to reduce spasticity, improve mobility, increase strength, and restore your balance. All workouts are 30 minutes or less and can accommodate all levels of mobility.
(Program is available in seated and standing version for all levels)
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You will also have access to our community orientation group to ask our admin. team questions and Coach Trevor will be in this group also to see how you're doing and answer questions.

You will get answers to all your most pressing questions, meet new friends and most importantly get the full support you need.


Our brand NEW MS GYM APP comes with your special trial offer and makes accessing the content so much easier. If you are not tech savvy, you will love the app for it's simplicity. If you are tech savvy, you will love the cool features on the APP.

The APP is available on mobile and tablet devices and we provide you with easy instructions on how to download it and start using it as soon as you join.

Our members tell us the APP alone is worth the price of membership.

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In addition to the above we will include:

  • Mindset Trainings 
  • Step by Step Coaching
  • Our most recent Bed program of exercises you can do from the comfort of your own bed or on a couch

**** Unlike the majority of companies in the world that automatically bill your credit card after a trial, we DO NOT do that. Your card will NOT be auto billed, your trial will simply end and we will send you an
invite to see if you want to continue.

This trial offer is simply the best way to get you moving properly over the next 30 days and help you decide if our membership program is right for you.



If you know you need a plan and are ready to start, simply click the button below to sign up for this trial.

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Yulia Steshenko

Manhattan, NY

I've found a community and the dearest group of friends in the Members Corner, who have filled an essential need I didn't even realize I had as an introvert.

With the support of the Members community I weaned myself off of anti-depressants and now have a toolkit of coping mechanisms almost as extensive as the MS Gym itself.

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Douglas Fast

Vancouver, Canada

Well, truth be told, I very often find myself talking about many of the concepts taught in the MS Gym, like mindset, learning, framing, taking ownership, movement and so much more, as I guide students at a local university.

These young entrepreneurs capable of changing their worlds for the better. Something I couldn't do if I hadn't first gone through this journey with The MS Gym. All I can say is WOW and thanks Trevor.


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Marissa Mandell

West Palm Beach, Florida

The MS Gym is the best investment I have ever made in my health since being diagnosed.

I have had so many physical victories and I am now truly living life by diagnosis and not design.

I recently started playing guitar again with my band and took a trip to Italy. I never imagined these things would have been possible a couple of years ago. I credit most of it to my improved mindset from the MS Gym programs.

Click on the play button to start the brief video to hear how the MS GYM completely transformed Melissa's life!


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The support of the group was the first thing that drew me in.

Continuing to have victories, like reducing the sensory symptoms and spasticity and truly understanding how things are connected keep me in the game. 

I have not been perfect but when I fall off the wagon, the love and commitment I feel from the MS Gym admin. team and the entire group, keeps me going !! 

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Matthew Price


I was feeling defeated until I came across my Tribe in The MS Gym.

My energy was at an all time low and I struggled to use the stairs in my home. The programs helped to reset my body  and set up my daily routine.

I have experienced so many physical victories I never though possible and I feel good about life again.

I am now confident that I will be able to walk each of my 4 daughters down the wedding aisle!

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Jan Jarvis


This is the best investment I have ever made!

I can’t imagine a life without the hope, love and support that the MS Gym brings into my daily being.

Trevor's expertise and depth of knowledge is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

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